Growing is a existing and developing.

That is why whenever you are not growing you are dying…

I don’t understand middle grounds, for people everything you choose, say, eat, think, watch, do, learn, … I mean everything that comes to your way must have an impact to your growing process may be wrong or right (or even middleground for those who believe) it will affect your growing positively or negatively. Now the question is what do you want? grow or die?????

Most of the answers will be  grow so if it is to grow release everything that adds nothing to your growth and choose growing over dying… strongest people in the World usually says everyone is determined to be special and successful then it may be right (I don’t hesitate)… the first success is growing up and you grow up first the first day you get to your Destiny… the things that don’t help you to grow are not included in your destiny release them because you can’t be special in all the things you will be special in one and others you will be at an average rate.. 

Be yourself arise and shine because that is why you were born to grow. Growing is not increasing in size only but in being smart and more valuable it is everything finances also grows and that’s a process of everything in this World even the World grows so as culture, marriage, relationship and everything 

Keep in mind when you are not growing you are dying 

Do everything to make your destiny grow everything around you grow

Author: intwari13or

I am born again, I am a son of God who is not ashamed of the Gospel surely goodness and mercy goes with me all the days of my life He covered me under the canopy and gave me security

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